nighthawk custom 1911

buy Nighthawk Custom 1911 is an American firearm .

company based in Berryville, Arkansas, US, that manufactures custom M1911 pistols, rifles,

revolvers, shotguns, and tactical knives for competition shooters, military, law enforcement and self-

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Nighthawk was formed in 2004 when some of the gunsmiths who worked for Wilson Combat left to focus exclusively on custom pistols. Both companies are located in Berryville.

Mark Stone is a founder and the owner of Nighthawk Custom. Nighthawk has been praised highly for its quality and customer

service. Nighthawk strives daily to supply the Nighthawk difference, no matter the task. [2]

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Over the years, Nighthawk gunsmiths have used their skills to grow from only building 1911 pistols to now also making custom

shotguns, knives, and an improved version of the Browning Hi-Power. Nighthawk also has a fully functioning machine shop that

produces the parts, which are used to build their high-end firearms

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